The activity goals of the Association:

  • join the experts of drinks and food in Lithuania, i.e., teachers, employees of restaurants, bars. Writers, journalists, producers of relevant products, salesmen, suppliers and other people related with food and drinks market;
  • develop and improve the profession of sommelier, uphold and enhance the level of professional ethics;
  • advocate and enhance wine and food consumption culture in Lithuania, deepen practical and theoretical knowledge of the general public and train the skills;
  • start, maintain and develop contacts of the Association with national and international sommelier associations, guilds or other organizations and represent the interests of Lithuania there;
  • provide all possible help and services to the members of the Association related with the goals of its activities, develop and improve them.

Association carries out the activities in the following fields:

  • takes part in preparing the drafts of the laws and normative acts related with the goals of the Association herewith expressing its position to the public on appropriate issues;
  • cooperates and represents Lithuanian interests in national and international sommelier associations, guilds and other organizations;
  • cooperates and defends the rights of the members and legitimate interests in relations with state government and governmental bodies, municipality institutions and international organizations;
  • is engaged in publishing, organizes different events, training, market research and public opinion surveys, and consults on issues related to sommelier profession and its activities.

Association is involved in the following commercial business activities:

  • prepares legal documents, gives recommendations and consultations of general character on issues of legal activity;
  • renders consulting, business, sales agent services, is involved in design of promotion material and implementation activities;
  • organizes professional and supplementary training, qualification improvement courses related to profession and activities of sommelier;
  • organizes and performs scientific research on different issues as well as public opinion surveys;
    is involved in all types of publishing activities, printing and related business, sales and distribution of the publications, passing information via means of telecommunication.